Friday, February 11, 2011

Using A Border Punch Strip As Edging on a Circle

For those that asked how I used a MS Punch to put a border on a circle here is a little tutorial on it.Its my first try at a tutorial so please bare with me.

Step 1: Punch strip of paper as usual.

Step 2: Trim down to 1/4 inch from the design.

Step 3: Using scissors snip into the design leaving the outer edge intact.

Step 4: Use tacky tape, glue, etc. to fasten strip to back of circle or other shape making sure to keep the same amount of the design peaking over the edge.

Voila! your done!

You can experiment with different punches and shapes, this punch also makes a great edging for hearts.

Thanks for stopping by, Have a great weekend!


Liway said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for that - I have a ton of border punches...I have to try this! :)

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I missed your tutorial, but got a close up of your card and started playing. I put reference to you on my blog and I will now put a link to this because so many people have asked me since I made mine.