Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Neat Little Award To Pass Along

I received this neat little award from the very talented Shaz(her calligraphy is amazing)!So for this award I'm supposed to pick eight peoples blogs that inspire me and pass it along and share eight things about myself. Its hard to limit this to just eight but if I have to here they are:

Lisa-My Cozy Crafty Corner
You always encourage us to feed are addictions by pointing out everything new

Peggy-Made By Me
Your work is the complete opposite of mine which I find inspiring because its new to me.

Chris-Always About Colour
You always leave the sweetest comments

Debbie-Pardon My Passion
Yes she is leaving the blog world but for her fabulous work she deserves this!

Jean S-No there is no blog link for this one! I know its a blog award but she is truly an inspiration to me. Always creating something new. I'm pretty sure she logs more hours in blog land than anyone else I know and thats got to count for something!

Cely-Creating in Carolina
Thanks for leaving kind comments

Janie-Janies Creative Corner
This is a new blog that I've dicovered and find inspiring

Another new find great sketches and DT work

So onto the Eight Things about me Part

1. I Try to create everyday
2. I'm loving Yoga(just started in Jan)
3. I cry during those sappy commercials on TV
4. Hate cold weather but love the snow(it can go now though)
5. Live in Armstrong, BC, Canada
6. Just started Riding Horses again last summer after a 20 year break
7. Okay looking at this, I've got to many Hobbies and not enough time LOL!
8. I'm a bit of a geek but at 40 something I can embrace it!

Hope you enjoy passing this along great to connect with my old blog buddies and find some new ones too.



Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

What a lovely surprise....wow...I leave comments for beautiful, inspiring and fun cards like yours....

chris said...

OH thanks so much Tania, you deserve your award too.
hugs chris xx

Liway said...

Thanks so much for the blog award my friend!! MUCH APPRECIATED!! I'll pass it along shortly! :)