Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Oldie But A Goody!

Found this card in my card box when going through my Christmas cards to see how many I had (not so many actually)but I did find this to post. I think I made it last May at a retreat and then filed it away.

She's quite the little cutie. It does remind me that spring is an awfully long way off yet though.

We just had our second snowfall of the season today. It really brought on the Christmas spirit or uh panic! How can it be that close already!

Hope everyone is having fun getting their crafty creations ready for the season.


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Debbie Schneider said...

Hi Tania - What a very pretty card! I love how you mixed the striped paper with the floral and the corner punch used around the image works perfectly. I like how you try so many different ways to color - I like the dark purple on the edges of the dress and umbrella - it really is a nice look. I have to try doing the dots around the image for the background - I really like how that looks too! Very very nice!